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Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my personal blog. This is really just a deposit for what's on my mind at the time. I remember watching a professional producer talking about how he improves his create mind, and one of his methods was to consistently write a diary to releave his mind of thoughts, so that's what this is all about. If I have something on my mind, whether its a story, real life drama, and just ideas I have I'll be writing them here!

Monday, September 26, 2011

New mix and stuff

It has been about a month since my success with the Starcraft Dubstep "ITS A RETARD MAGNET" Mix, and.... some has changed.

Still having quite a hard time wrapping my brain around producing and using the programs to properly produce the sound I am looking for. So if any of you have some hidden away tips, tricks, or video on making dubstep using Ableton Live, feel free to post in the comments.

OMW Productions website has been completely revamped (omwproductions.com) with a new look thanks to our good friend Gawain. You should check it out, even if just too admire his hard work.

Also I managed to eat up all my bandwidth (125GB) in only 20 days... So I can't stream, I can't even watch youtube videos. I feel like I'm in a relationship with the videos I current already have open in my browser. I mean they are already loaded, so it doesn't take more bandwidth to watch, so I just keep watching the same videos, over, and over. I'm never getting married.

Talking about married. I am officially being single for a long time coming. Relationships just get in the way of progress and financial success.

BTW I have a new mix out for those of you who want to take a listen,



Monday, September 19, 2011

Producing - The tale of two worlds

Being a DJ for over a year make me think I was due for a change, a change into producing. With this in mind, I figured with my vast knowledge in how music flows, and all the different dynamics I could just jump right into it. How I was so poorly mistaken.

After the great succession of my SC Mix, I felt it was time to make my own music. Spinning and mixing tracks is fun, but it just doesnt give me the fufillment that I feel producing to give. When I make a really good mix, people always say 2 things. Really nice mix man... and... Can I get the playlist? I hate that question. It's like, thanks for putting a ton of work in your mix, but all I really care about is supporting the artist. I feel like an advertisement on a website, it shows you something, but thats it. Very few people make it as DJ's that don't produce. So I jumped in.

I bought myself a midi-controller, got my hands on a legal copy of Ableton Live, and... nothing. It wasn't like I just got to making music, these programs have one hell of a learning curve. I had so many ideas playing in my head, but had no real way of translating them into this program. How the hell was I to make an epic wobble? I had clips I wanted to use, but how could I properly sample and manipulate them? It wasn't like sitting down to a piano and playing the keys you heard in your head, it was like openning the electrical box at your house as you were to setup solar panels, may think its a simple concept, but in application its much harder than it seems.

So now I am going to stop DJing, stop trying to fiddle with this program, and spend the next 2 weeks watching tutorials and running through them. I want to know this program like I know my brother, everything that works and doesn't. So wish me luck in the journey of accumulating knowledge, and hopefully I'll come out the other end a music producer.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011