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Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my personal blog. This is really just a deposit for what's on my mind at the time. I remember watching a professional producer talking about how he improves his create mind, and one of his methods was to consistently write a diary to releave his mind of thoughts, so that's what this is all about. If I have something on my mind, whether its a story, real life drama, and just ideas I have I'll be writing them here!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Writing a Soundtrack - Day 3

Many musicians look to different aspects of their life for inspiration. Johnny Cash took inspiration from his time he spent in jail, Adele, from a bad break up, and myself, DJ Wilma, from a deadline. Yes, nothing gives a musician inspiration and motivation like a deadline. My brother came to me, and said, I want the song done by the end of the night, as we are releasing the alpha. So with four hours sleep, I pounded through the night finishing the rough rough rough copy of the song.

Now this is where it gets interesting, because the song is more or less done, minus a few tweeks here and there, but after talking to him about the concept of the game, I came to the realisation that my song I have put so many hours into doesn't fit the idea of the game. In other words, unless I make major changes to this song, those who are selected for the alpha of this game will have to listen to it over and over again, but most likely those in the beta, will never hear it, as I plan on writing another song as the theme song for the game.

The troubles of having a team of less game designers and more programmers can create.

Even if this song never makes it onto the soundtrack of the final game, it has been a great learning experience for myself. Going from attempting EDM, to writing music for a full orchestra has been a life changing experience, and if anything, solidified the fact that I want to work with music for the rest of my life, not be an accountant, a finance broker, but work with music any way I can.

Much Luv, and if I can, I hope to release a teaser of the game with this track!

DJ Wilma

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Writing a Soundtrack - Day 2

Alright time to just jump into it,
I was approached about two weeks ago to beginning composing two tracks for the game, and they were good enough, they would be kept in for the game. I originally thought this as something beyond my capabilities, but after one night, in my "studio" (bed room), the idea of a song came to me, so I grabs my headset, openned a recorder on my laptop, and began to sing.

There is was, the beginning of my song, down, in a file, great to preceed to the next step, and how gracefully I took that step. The intro of the was not too complicated, I massive build, but having never truely written my own orchestral music, this was to be an experience. I created seperate part through out the entire orchestral, I began that process will little hope in my ability, but after I played it all for the first time. The entire orchestral errupting into musical fluidity, my eyes began to water. I hit that point where, by some small luck, I may not only finish this soundtrack, but also with some success.

Though this intro took my feet from under me, having neven written anything more than some parts of a Dubstep track, or a song for one instrument, I needed to approach my brother, and have him give me a brutal honest opinion. I let the introduction play, and as he said, it made him smile. Not to the amateurness of the track, or that he found it cute that I thought this was good, no because he actually enjoyed it. I grew up with my brother being most likely my hardest critic (maybe besides myself) and always seeking his approval in what I do. When I got into University, it was irrelevant what my parents or friends thought of it, I simply wanted my brother to say he was proud, so for him to approve it, blew up my ego.

Someone patting your ego when composing a song, that to me, is the worst thing someone can do. I wrote that into first try, in one session, and never looked back. Still not totally believing in my own ability, I have written, and rewritten the chorus of the song over eight times in the past week. Scrapping an almost completed intro, and starting anew. Comparing my track to those behind some of the best musical soundtrack of my time. I find I just can't compare, and it is destroying my productivity. At this point, I have come to the conclusion, I just need to put my heart into it, and get the soundtrack done, after all, changes in the song during the Beta will most likely happen, and I can live with that.

So cheers to me getting this chorus done, and finishing this song, as I have at least four more tracks to complete before the Beta.

Much Luv,

DJ Wilma

Monday, May 7, 2012

Writing a soundtrack - Day 1

Hey guys, DJ Wilma here
I have been out of commission for quite some time due to being bed ridden for a month with some sort of bug, but that is rather irrelevent to what I will be writing about. I felt like I should start writing this blog again, to show the daily stresses, issues, ect, with writing a soundtrack, an opportunity not many musicians get, and I was given the priviledge.

My brother is a co-owner of a game developing company, Last Shot Studios, and they have requested I write an soundtrack for their game, as they know I am actively writing my own music. This is by all means a learning experience for me,  it is my first legitamate request for music, and their is a timeline involved, so I must have it complete no matter what, before the Beta is released. I will rarely talk about the game itself, except to release maybe a teaser video with my tracks attached.

Most likely my favourite part about this little venture of mine is that I have stepped away from the dance genre of music that gave me all the popularity I have. Instead, I am writing completely orchestral tracks, or that is the plan for the theme song. This is surprisingly in more of a comfort zone for myself, than things like Dubstep, as my introduction to music was in classical orchestra music, and than I transitioned into performing in Jazz. Normally a trombone player doesn't decide to start writing orchestral music, but here I am.

So wish me luck, I will do my best to keep this updated daily, but while still being in school, and on a job hunt at the same time, I may miss a day or two. But one thing I will guarentee you, when the first song is completely done, I will at least release a teaser of the song, not just to please your ears, but so you, my wonderful fans, can give me feedback.

Much Luv,

DJ Wilma

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day Break

So Yesterday was by break day for the month I guess, and I spent it playing Starcraft all day. It was quite fun, even though the moment I got online, people were wondering if I was streaming, and I can't stream due to lower bandwidth allocations in my household... but anyways! So me and my friends were playing some 4v4 laddering when a name popped up as one of our opponenets, "vilehawk". Since we were all on skype together, we speculated if it was the real vilehawk. Team Vile is one of the few proffessional Starcraft II teams in North America, and a player named hawk was on it.

As we play 4v4 for the hell of it and don't care too much, I wanted to try and kill this players team, as I enjoy taking up leadership opportunities in competitve environments, so I basically took team captain that game. We pushed early to destroy their frontal defences, and ended up demolishing them. Thinking it was rather easy for us, as we are good but not top tier 4v4, I proceaded to check this "vilehawk" profile, and to my surprize, it was the REAL vilehawk. My buddies and I had beaten a pro starcraft player in a ladder game. Pat myself on the back, pretty happy with that. ♥

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Living with a Juvenile Big Brother

Alright, so for those of you who have been following my daily blog, you would know that my older brother of one year moved back home, as he finished school. This has become increasingly frustrating to the point where I just nights of sleep over it.

See my sleeping habits have never been normal, I cannot just decide to go to bed at a certain time. If I try, I will just lay there awake with my mind racing. Usually after about 2 hours laying there I have the need to just get up and do something. I have become accustomed to this issue and learn to deal with it so that it never really effects my day to day life. Simply just ensure I get tired around a certain time, this usually entails me getting around 6 hours sleep per day and usually have about a 2 hour variance when I get tired, once I begin to feel tired, I can usually just pass out without the energy to sit there and think.

This was all fine and dandy until my brother moved back in. His sleeping habits can be as erratic as mine at times, and thats not really the issue. The issue is that he almost always has the obligation to disrupt my sleeping pattern. I have not been back at school for more than two weeks and he has already ruined more than half of my weeknights for sleep. Whether he comes down, and wakes me up just as I fall asleep because it is before midnight. Where if I wake up just after falling asleep, I rarely go back to sleep. Or sometimes he just annoys me so much in my "tired phase" that I get so frustrated that I am no longer tired, and than he scurries away (which is exactly what he has done this morning). I know my sleeping habits are bad, if I have work todo, I will stay up until I am done, and like this morning, I was planning on going to bed around 9am as my classes started late. But no, he continues to bug me until I am no longer tired, meaning I will most likely pass out before class, missing my classes, or go to my class and fall asleep.

Some of you might try and offer solutions to this issue, but don't. My brother is 22, though he is living back at home, he seems to ignore my parents requests. He has his own floor in this house, as do I, and yet bugging me seems to be his main priority. I have told him, I need sleep to go to class and properly intake the knowledge, but him being a programmer, he disagrees with me, saying he would go three days without sleep. That or when he wakes me up, he tells me to just go back to sleep, if only it were that easy for me. I have been like this for about 5 years, and he only lived away from the house for 2 years, so this isn't anything new from him. I am just writting this because it seems like a better outlet of my anger, than punching him in the face.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Burn the Present for the Past?

From those who read my last post, I burnt a pretty significant bridge last weekend, read the post for more info, but you ever think maybe everything happens for a reason? Maybe that bad things happen in your life so it can bring in the good things? Do you believe in fate?

Well I don't. I know great lead up. I believe that nothing is ever predetermined, everything that happens in life is just a product of probability, which many of you may refer to as chance. It's only when something with such a small probability of happening happens, do we disbelieve it is only chance. Well it is, but what do you think is the probability that I start a big fight with someone so close to myself, during a celebration of getting my life back together and focusing, something that said someone has been hoping I do for a long time, and who had shown more joy from my successes than I ever had.

Then what is the probability on top of such an event that I have a small dispute with my friend I celebrated with that night, causing myself to go to the gym by myself for the first time in over four month last night, only to see the first girl I ever dated (about ten years ago) at said gym, and to not only see her but almost physically run into her, and lock eyes for what seemed to be forever. As I was focused on finishing my workout, we just smiled and acknowledged one another. The probability of such a random series of events presenting themselves in such a convenient order seemed infinitely small. The compulsion to invite her out for a coffee was unavoidable. to my dismay, the compulsion only presented itself as I left the gym...

Now we look to the probability of her responding to a simple Facebook message, so I presume the new question is will she say yes?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Trip Through Delusions of Grandure

Being missing in action for three days as I claim to make this blog a daily endeavor I see could look bad, but allow me to fill you in on the past thirty six hours.

I had truly kicked myself into gear, limitless style, minus the life threatening drug ofcourse. I work off a minimulistic amount of sleep over the past few days. Going to classes, something I had never become accustomed to, and found myself participating. I had the urge to complete my work. I spent the two days going over as much of the content as I could. I caught up in all my classes in under three days, and plan to continue on this determination drive, with a predicted completion of all readings and notes in less than two months. The outlook looked unstoppable.

Now this is all amazing in terms of school, but to my dismay I have let my love for music, gaming, and all things fun, including women, take a backseat in my life. Not too happy about it either. So as I plan on getting ahead in all my classes, and will have the time to progress as I will, I am going to be setting up specific times weekly where all I do is sit in my "studio" and work on my own tracks, make mixes, set up events/parties, or even just working on setting up contracts for new talent. With this new mind set of mine, I actually do feel limitless.

Now back to what I have actually been upto. Well besides the whole catching up on all things school for the weekend, lets just say I figured I deserved to celebrate my new found motivation, I would end my old ways with a big bang. Going all out on one big party. Getting profusely drunk and partying with friends. Surprisingly as a DJ I actually don't enjoy the club scene too much, but who cared, I was drunk, and wanted to have fun. If I were to recommend anything, and I mean anything, it would be to lock your phone.

I am normally a very happy drunk. I have been punched in the face during a party once, everyone grabbed me so that I didn't beat the shit out of the guy, I had no reaction, the guy was being dumb, I had no reason to start a fight with him, if he wanted to punch me, I was going to be the bigger man and not fight back. Even when I am drunk, I am not violent, I don't do too many stupid things, I am a "responsible" drunk. That being said, give me enough alcohol, built up frustration with a female counterpart, and a cellphone, and you got yourself the most volitile, shit storm of a drunk texting situation you could conjure up. Saying stuff for the sole reasoning of pissing her off, even going as far to call her a gold digger, knowing every time I have done so, she flips out. I may have said a little too much in the conversation with her, but when you deal with someone so closed off from the realm of emotions, saying things that would normally make a person do a double take of you, was more like throwing darts at a blank dartboard with her. So we could say I burnt a bridge, but its not that big of a deal, because when I come along with a hoverboard, I am sure she'll want a ride (thats a metaphor for those who were wondering).

Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 1 - Living with siblings again

So for those of you who don't know, I come from a big family, three sisters and a brother. I am the youngest at twenty one. Recently two of my siblings moved back home, my brother a year my senior and my sister in her late twenties. Moving back for totally different reasons but coming back home was the right decision for both. Only thing is after living at home without either one around since the start of my University career, I have become accustomed to the solitude that being the only child at home brings. Now that they are both back it is slowly killing me.

My brother, arguably my best friend as well has finished his schooling and is now starting up his company. Since their operations are not dependent on the position of the sun, I find he is up most nights, all night. Which usually wouldn't be any issue if it wasn't for him keeping me up at night. Going to bed at 6am just to awake two hours later for class is very trying. Luckily after having a talk with him, he is currently working on the issue.

Now for my sister. I love her, but she is insistent on socializing, something I have very little time for trying to get my company up and running and going to school full time. Simple things like going out for dinner seem like a waste of time and funds to me. I could go out and eat at some restaurant, pay for the food, and spend my time there 'socializing' or I could grab something to munch on while I right note or do readings for class. Shopping is another issue I find with her. She is a female, no sexism intended, but she loves to shop, and I find the very idea of mall shopping to be a waste of time, go into one store look around, try stuff of, leave without buying anything. If the shopping process was my like going to a dentist, where you go with set goals and get in and out as efficiently as possible, I could go shopping, but that seems to never be the case (unless my brother and I go, we are pretty efficient shoppers).

That's all that has been on my mind as of late, since I haven't had the time to work on my music much, as my goal this semester is to get a 4.0 as I almost got kicked out first semester. Yes, I fucked up last semester, spend all my time on socializing, video games, and getting my company up and going. Anyways, since I spend all my time at a computer writing notes, reading, or doing assignments, I do truly believe I can make this daily (assuming something of interest occurs during my day)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Daily Blog

So I figured since I am working so much on school now, as I need to improve my average substantially, I figured I would use this blog now as a frequent ‘diary’ to let you guys know what’s going on. I am currently spending more and more time on my school work, I am trying to treat it like a job, aka around 8-9 hours a day. Now I am not stopping at what is ‘due’, my goal is to actually finish learning all 5 of my textbooks by early March, when the exams are in April, I feel that this will give me the advantage to be able to keep with my DJing, growing OMW Productions, casting and creating Starcraft II events for that beautiful community that I love.

What do you guys have to look forward to? Well I am planning on having a SC2 invitational, both for low level players, and one for pros. I am working daily on my own tracks, planning to release my first LP by the end of February, and for those SC2 fans, I plan on having at least 1 SC2 track (hopefully). Also I am developing OMW Productions to expand into ventures such at the progaming scene, streaming, graphical design, and video production. Anyways, I plan on making this as daily as possible, so please tune in :D

BTW, If I make a Vlog ill just post that instead :D