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Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my personal blog. This is really just a deposit for what's on my mind at the time. I remember watching a professional producer talking about how he improves his create mind, and one of his methods was to consistently write a diary to releave his mind of thoughts, so that's what this is all about. If I have something on my mind, whether its a story, real life drama, and just ideas I have I'll be writing them here!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Writing a Soundtrack - Day 2

Alright time to just jump into it,
I was approached about two weeks ago to beginning composing two tracks for the game, and they were good enough, they would be kept in for the game. I originally thought this as something beyond my capabilities, but after one night, in my "studio" (bed room), the idea of a song came to me, so I grabs my headset, openned a recorder on my laptop, and began to sing.

There is was, the beginning of my song, down, in a file, great to preceed to the next step, and how gracefully I took that step. The intro of the was not too complicated, I massive build, but having never truely written my own orchestral music, this was to be an experience. I created seperate part through out the entire orchestral, I began that process will little hope in my ability, but after I played it all for the first time. The entire orchestral errupting into musical fluidity, my eyes began to water. I hit that point where, by some small luck, I may not only finish this soundtrack, but also with some success.

Though this intro took my feet from under me, having neven written anything more than some parts of a Dubstep track, or a song for one instrument, I needed to approach my brother, and have him give me a brutal honest opinion. I let the introduction play, and as he said, it made him smile. Not to the amateurness of the track, or that he found it cute that I thought this was good, no because he actually enjoyed it. I grew up with my brother being most likely my hardest critic (maybe besides myself) and always seeking his approval in what I do. When I got into University, it was irrelevant what my parents or friends thought of it, I simply wanted my brother to say he was proud, so for him to approve it, blew up my ego.

Someone patting your ego when composing a song, that to me, is the worst thing someone can do. I wrote that into first try, in one session, and never looked back. Still not totally believing in my own ability, I have written, and rewritten the chorus of the song over eight times in the past week. Scrapping an almost completed intro, and starting anew. Comparing my track to those behind some of the best musical soundtrack of my time. I find I just can't compare, and it is destroying my productivity. At this point, I have come to the conclusion, I just need to put my heart into it, and get the soundtrack done, after all, changes in the song during the Beta will most likely happen, and I can live with that.

So cheers to me getting this chorus done, and finishing this song, as I have at least four more tracks to complete before the Beta.

Much Luv,

DJ Wilma

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