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Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my personal blog. This is really just a deposit for what's on my mind at the time. I remember watching a professional producer talking about how he improves his create mind, and one of his methods was to consistently write a diary to releave his mind of thoughts, so that's what this is all about. If I have something on my mind, whether its a story, real life drama, and just ideas I have I'll be writing them here!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Writing a soundtrack - Day 1

Hey guys, DJ Wilma here
I have been out of commission for quite some time due to being bed ridden for a month with some sort of bug, but that is rather irrelevent to what I will be writing about. I felt like I should start writing this blog again, to show the daily stresses, issues, ect, with writing a soundtrack, an opportunity not many musicians get, and I was given the priviledge.

My brother is a co-owner of a game developing company, Last Shot Studios, and they have requested I write an soundtrack for their game, as they know I am actively writing my own music. This is by all means a learning experience for me,  it is my first legitamate request for music, and their is a timeline involved, so I must have it complete no matter what, before the Beta is released. I will rarely talk about the game itself, except to release maybe a teaser video with my tracks attached.

Most likely my favourite part about this little venture of mine is that I have stepped away from the dance genre of music that gave me all the popularity I have. Instead, I am writing completely orchestral tracks, or that is the plan for the theme song. This is surprisingly in more of a comfort zone for myself, than things like Dubstep, as my introduction to music was in classical orchestra music, and than I transitioned into performing in Jazz. Normally a trombone player doesn't decide to start writing orchestral music, but here I am.

So wish me luck, I will do my best to keep this updated daily, but while still being in school, and on a job hunt at the same time, I may miss a day or two. But one thing I will guarentee you, when the first song is completely done, I will at least release a teaser of the song, not just to please your ears, but so you, my wonderful fans, can give me feedback.

Much Luv,

DJ Wilma

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