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Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my personal blog. This is really just a deposit for what's on my mind at the time. I remember watching a professional producer talking about how he improves his create mind, and one of his methods was to consistently write a diary to releave his mind of thoughts, so that's what this is all about. If I have something on my mind, whether its a story, real life drama, and just ideas I have I'll be writing them here!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quick Update

Alright don't have a lot of time to write as I am currently swimming in notes for my exams, but I would just like to say that my songs are coming along well, and I just got second in a SC2 tournement and won 3$. Yes 3$. If I am to become a millionaire at this rate, I only need to win 333,334 more :D

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Got my hands on massive and its really everything I could ever want with a manual bigger than my ego....

So I was playing around and managed to make a Skrillex kinda baseline, sounds pretty sick, but I still don't know my flavour for dubstep, so how can I put together a song?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

End of October!

So got a bunch to talk about. So sit down, have a drink, all that wonderful shit!

First off I want to thank all my loyal fans who were with me from the beginning, who told me I wasn't a terrible DJ back when I was a terrible DJ. All of you who were like I don't like dubstep, but you make me a believer! All of you who helped me get my Starcraft Dubstep Mix to almost 10k views. Thanks to you guys Youtube opt'd me in their new monetize program where I pick the videos I want to monetize. So now I can get some revenue from my hard work, and maybe be able to afford new gear so I can perform live at a BarCraft. So I will try and post more videos more often for your viewing pleasure!

Another THING! Our stream is currently in the application process of becoming partner as we should be able to fall under the new requirements. So you can always help by just tuning in anytime @ twitch.tv/zingking if you follow us it would also help a lot. Anyways due to the fact we are trying to get partner, the members of OMW Productions and I have come to the conclusion that we need to make the stream a more professional, high quality, diverse channel for your viewing pleasure. So we will be implementing a weekly schedule of shows and such, and the schedule will be posted on omwproductions.com and even though most of the final decisions on shows have not been finalized, there is a guarentee that DJ Wilma's Game On will be a definite addition to the new schedule.

Producing is still in the shitter for me, but I am working hard to get a song done.

Much love, DJ Wilma out

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Being Observant

Over the years I have found that supposedly I am slightly more observant than the average person. I honestly thought that I surrounded myself with some dim-witted individuals during my adulences years, but maybe not. To my misfortune I never took the time to learn the associations between visual cues with emotional behaviors. I would most likely point out defects or mannerisms the person had, which resulted in some people finding out that they did things they never knew they did, or giving me an association of being an asshole.

I do belive to get a better understanding into the visually observed actions and how they relate to what a person maybe thinking, or how they are feeling I would really have to delve deep into psychology. If time permitted, I would love to, considering I have a very close associate of mine who studies it in great detail.

Being able to read a person could help in so many situations, a job interview, a business deal, even on a date. You could essentially become the person that someone is looking for if you can read them well enough.

Friday, October 14, 2011


When people say you should talk to someone, they often later recommend going to see a shrink instead of say, a friend. You know why this is? It's because "friends" tend to tell you what you want to hear, or have alterior motives since your life is so intertwind with theirs. They frequent to not be able to seperate themselves from the actually situation at hand, and therefore skew their suggestions with emotion and personality. Only do true friends set aside everything in their lives, help with a situation, and actually putting you before themselves. Kinda like taking a situational bullet for a person. Now I'm not saying that normal friends are bad, they are good to party with, might help you move. But if you really need someone to talk to, you better see a shrink.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

All my mixes!

Just letting everyone know that all my mixes I have even put up for download can be found on the new website as the old ones are coming down!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In the Studio - Part 1

Hey guys, I have been spending a lot of my time in the "studio" and come up with 2 really really random tracks while learning to use the hardware/software.

The first track is my dealings with samples. As I have been learning my around Ableton Live, I have been practicing with taking samples, modding them, changing dynamics, ect. So this first track that will be up for downlaod is the product that my fooling around.

The second tarck is not even dance music, its a very sad tune on a piano sample. The thing behind this track is I was done practicing for the day, when I sumbled upon a Grand Piano sample, and since I had grown up with keyboards and such I learned the basics in playing piano, but never really had a real piano, so playing this on my midi-controller, actually made my eyes water because I look how technology brought me my own grand piand.

(Right Click and select Save Linked Content As...)

Drum N Bass Song

Sad Piano Tune

Much Luv, DJ Wilma out.

Monday, September 26, 2011

New mix and stuff

It has been about a month since my success with the Starcraft Dubstep "ITS A RETARD MAGNET" Mix, and.... some has changed.

Still having quite a hard time wrapping my brain around producing and using the programs to properly produce the sound I am looking for. So if any of you have some hidden away tips, tricks, or video on making dubstep using Ableton Live, feel free to post in the comments.

OMW Productions website has been completely revamped (omwproductions.com) with a new look thanks to our good friend Gawain. You should check it out, even if just too admire his hard work.

Also I managed to eat up all my bandwidth (125GB) in only 20 days... So I can't stream, I can't even watch youtube videos. I feel like I'm in a relationship with the videos I current already have open in my browser. I mean they are already loaded, so it doesn't take more bandwidth to watch, so I just keep watching the same videos, over, and over. I'm never getting married.

Talking about married. I am officially being single for a long time coming. Relationships just get in the way of progress and financial success.

BTW I have a new mix out for those of you who want to take a listen,



Monday, September 19, 2011

Producing - The tale of two worlds

Being a DJ for over a year make me think I was due for a change, a change into producing. With this in mind, I figured with my vast knowledge in how music flows, and all the different dynamics I could just jump right into it. How I was so poorly mistaken.

After the great succession of my SC Mix, I felt it was time to make my own music. Spinning and mixing tracks is fun, but it just doesnt give me the fufillment that I feel producing to give. When I make a really good mix, people always say 2 things. Really nice mix man... and... Can I get the playlist? I hate that question. It's like, thanks for putting a ton of work in your mix, but all I really care about is supporting the artist. I feel like an advertisement on a website, it shows you something, but thats it. Very few people make it as DJ's that don't produce. So I jumped in.

I bought myself a midi-controller, got my hands on a legal copy of Ableton Live, and... nothing. It wasn't like I just got to making music, these programs have one hell of a learning curve. I had so many ideas playing in my head, but had no real way of translating them into this program. How the hell was I to make an epic wobble? I had clips I wanted to use, but how could I properly sample and manipulate them? It wasn't like sitting down to a piano and playing the keys you heard in your head, it was like openning the electrical box at your house as you were to setup solar panels, may think its a simple concept, but in application its much harder than it seems.

So now I am going to stop DJing, stop trying to fiddle with this program, and spend the next 2 weeks watching tutorials and running through them. I want to know this program like I know my brother, everything that works and doesn't. So wish me luck in the journey of accumulating knowledge, and hopefully I'll come out the other end a music producer.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DJ Wilma Road Trip - Part 2

Holy fuck Ottawa? Lanes for busses? Electronic street meters? WTF! I drove around for over an hour in downtown, before I found somewhere I could park my bike and leave it...

Its not as nice as Toronto, but at least I get to see Parliament. I hope I'll have time to upload a quick vlog before I head to Massachusetts. Got an hour to blow before I meet up with the Ottawa BarCraft Organizer, so I think this calls for site seeing, and possibly taking a nap somewhere... fuck I'm tired. I'm on coffee 5 since 4am... but whatever I will probably find a library and sleep :)

I'll post again before I leave for Massachusetts!

DJ Wilma Road Trip - Part 1

Started this little expedition at 4 am, making this entry 3.5 hours later. I am almost in Ottawa, but have learnt a valuable lesson about driving already. If you want to miss traffic, drive super early, but keep warm. Me being on my motorcycle, I have been freezing my ass off. Maybe I should wear a scarf when on my motorcycle? Hahahaha

Also head phones that are loud enough in the city will most likely not be loud enough on the highway... I have spent this entire time mainly listening to the wind blowing past me. If I really focused I could possible figure out what song I had playing at the time, but otherwise all my thoughts are to how cold I am, and how sore my ass is... I can't wait for Ottawa!

Vlogs will be up later today! (Hopefully....)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fail amoung Fails

So I'm currently in Toronto, chilling at my brothers place, watching MLG. I set up all my gear at my brother's place to make sure everything was good, and set up a playlist to perform through out the night. Everything was set up and good to go, I figured I would just run through the extended version of my "ITS A RETARD MAGNET MIX" and my external sound card decided to go bonkers. Every 30 seconds I was getting mass latency spikes, that were so bad they would actually lag out the song for a noticeable amount of time!

I let the guy running BarCraft Toronto my issues, and that I would work on it to fix, but everything we have done shows that I can't fix it. Turns out my USB ports on my laptop are a lil wonky. I knew it was weird before but the latency kills any DJing, so I won't be able to perform this time around, but I will be there for the next BarCraft, guarenteed.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

MIDI Controller and than sum

So I finally got my MIDI Controller in, and she is working like a beauty! I am already in production of a DubStep Remix, and its sounding pretty cool for my first one. Most people from what I hear say that Ableton kinda has a steep learning curve but it is the better all around program, not quite sure if I agree entirely but I am finding its a really good program. I would say if you have to make a track really quickly for some unprompted to thing, use FruityLoops. I made so many tracks in that program, but it you are willing to put the time into the program and song, use Ableton Live.

Also I am performing in Toronto during BarCraft for MLG Raleigh. Really haven't done much setting up for it all, but I am hoping it all goes well as it is my first live performance outside of my house. I am thinking of going about nothing but HHC until nearing the finals where I spin out some crazy DubCraft. Still thinking it all through, and I have to get to Toronto by Friday, so I hope all goes well.

DJ Wilma OUT!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Best 24 Hours of My DJing Career


So two blog posts ago I was very frustrated with how popularity systems work on the internet. On how it is so hard for one to get "noticed" on a site like Justin.tv/Twitch.tv. I figured holding some contest giving away stuff would be my ticket in. It being largely unsuccessful I went to my blog to rant. Basically spent the entire blog bitching about how people who get to where they are are just lucky. To my surprise MrBitters came to my blog, and basically explained all the reasons why I was wrong, on how all these people either put the hours in, or had something unique that got them there, that they had something to offer that no one else did.

Taking this to heart, I looked at how I streamed. All I did was what everyone else did, played videogames with a microphone so people could hear me. Nothing too amazing, nothing unique. At this point I had gone 3 months without DJing, and since I had just purchased a new webcam, figured I could set up my DJ gear to work with XSplit and make a mix, since it had been so long. Not really knowing where to begin, I looked at the music sitting on my desktop, where I found a dubstep remix of the StarCraft 2 openning (didn't actually use it in the mix, but it was the inspiration).


I found a bunch of songs, took some of the soundclips that they were using, got the stream up and going and did a live mix. Now no one knows this but the first time around, when I didn't even have a single viewer, I made this mix, and didn't like some parts. I looped some of the drumbeats to make the transitions smoother, and I did it again. Came out perfect, and at this point I think I had my brother, and a friend watching the stream, thats it. I was about to just take the video, and upload it to youtube and be done with it, but loving the SC2 community like I do, I figured they should get a first peak before youtube. So I set the stream to loop, and made a TL Post.


After some people started noticing that the TL Post was actually legit, and they really enjoyed it, they started getting their friends in, and before I knew it I was at 40 viewers on my stream. People began insisting I make a reddit post to increase viewers but it really deserved it. The Reddit post went up. We got 3rd on the "what's hot" in SC Reddit, bringing us up to around 120 viewers. Considering at this point the most number of viewers I ever had on my stream was 20 people, this was making me ecstatic. Then the first amazing thing happened.

The guys on my stream managed to get Tasteless to check it out, and he tweeted me. Holy nerd-gasm. Thanks to Tasteless we topped up just over 300 viewers. Now this was in the middle of the night (AM) so to get that many viewers while both Destiny and Sen were streaming was amazing. Many viewers were telling my they were watch the two game, while listening to my mix. ♥

Speaking of the devil, destiny not only came by my stream to say hi, he also put my stream on his stream while him and kyle were having a conversation. Considering I used Echo Inada's "The Retard Magnet" in the mix, and destiny actually had a listen really brought my nerd-gasm to an all time high. ♥

Then DJ Ravine, the DJ that inspired me to do what I do, one of the leaders in the Happy Hardcore Style commented on the Reddit and popped by my stream to take a look. ♥

Most of all though, it was you guys that made my night. All of you showing your support, telling me I should keep up what I am doing and never stop, and all the love you guys brought, really brought a tear to my eye. ♥♥♥


After the best night of my DJing Career, my stream got 1000% more views in that one 24 hours period that I had recieved in the months up to it casting SC2 tournements and other games. My subs on youtube quadrupled, as well as my followers on the stream. I have been invited to perform at the Toronto Barcraft happening for MLG Raleigh. And have made plans to attend Providence (its the closest to eastern Canada, so I am keeping my schedule free) even if its just as a spectator.

My all time DJing goal would be being able to DJ the big events like MLG Raleigh, BlizzCon, ect. Whether it be doing sets when there is some cool down time between matches on the stream, or doing after parties for the pros and fans. For now though, I'm stepping into the producing booth, and making some more SC related music, whether it be electro, happyhardcore, or good ol' Dubcraft, I feel the SC community deserves itself some good SC related tunes.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Dental Surgery

So I just had my wisdom teeth removed, and holy fuck it was a bad experience. Normally you take drugs and you either wake up just as its over or even sometimes your so drugged up you just dont remember a thing and wake up the next morning. Well lucky for my drugs dont like me, because I woke up with the guys pliers in my mouth, pulling on the tooth. I was awake for 3 of the 4 wisdom teeth coming out. Worst thing ever. Now I'm in constant pain, and on pain meds, and it really fucking sucks. They said I wont remember anything, i fucking remember it clearly... fuck my life, if you dont need your wisdom teeth removed dont do it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Developers, Developers, Developers and some free games

Finally, there are only 5 hours until the demo presentation of the game we have been working on non-stop for the last 5 days. I have built all their weapons, done the collisions for all the resourse on their maps (buildings, ect). Re-done all my mapping on my weapons, and done a whole lot of not sleeping.

When I got here we have a giant square that the player model could walk around, have zombies follow, and shoot out of a tiny gun, with invisible bullet. Now we have a dynamic world, 4 fully functional weapons with SFX, a HUD, Menus, Music, proper mapping, including normal, specular, emmisive, and even occlusion, got to love them maps. Coolest of all, they have implemented this very original concept which makes every time I run through it cool and new. Being able to control your surroundings like never seen in a 3rd person shooter has me really excited about release. Even if this game was not being produced by my brother's studio, I will still want to pick up a copy of the game in February of 2012.

Even though I do have my own company to run (OMW Productions) and am also attending school to get a degree, I am hoping to be able to contribute something that actually makes it past the cutting floor, into the final game.

Once I get home and have some sleep I will be coming out with a new mix, and will put out a video detailing the contest we are having on the stream. So check all those out as they are released.

Luv U Guiz

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Trapped in a Programmer House

The days turn to night, and the nights seem endless. Model after model, texture after texture, mapping and more damn mapping. Helping my brother with his video game is like being trapped in a cabin in the middle of no where, you feel alone, you lose track of time so easily, and you can't talk to those outside of the cabin. I am making models for this game with no actual training, even though they are only using these for the demo of which they have to show, its still crazy they expect so much from me without schooling, after all I'm in university for commerce.

This is actually like being in a ProGaming house. Where everyone on the outside is probably thinking, hey thats awesome that you get to spend all day working on video games, where being actually in this house, all I can think is I want a fucking break!!

Anyways after I get to move back home, I will do you all a nice mix to make you ears cry with joy!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Kidnapped and Put To Video Games!

I received a call, around 6 PM EST on August 4th, being told I am needed in Toronto for a week of non stop working on my brothers video game that has to have a demo up and running by Tuesday. So now I am currently in Toronto. Tired. And working on getting him some models he can use for his game. They have a website "Last Shot Studios" but we have been too busy to put up anything, so bookmark it now, and it will be released February 2012, so you will get all kinds of info and previews leading up to that time.

Hopefully we will see some of my actual work in the final copy, but since it will be eating into my studies at that point, chances are slim. Lets all hope for the best guys. Anyways, I am getting stern looks from my big brother, and must get back to this slave labor I have to endure.

Luv u guiz, hope for the best!!!!

Love, Lost, and Lucky Charms

So life is an interesting folk. Women are really not worth out time. I know I say that and most of you think I'm insane. I would talk about it more, but I'm just raging over a lady friend of mine, but for actually talk about the ladies, check out my close friends blog A Single Man's Diary, where he goes up and down about everything you want to know about WOMEN!

ANYWAYS GUYS! I am looking at buying a new rig for DJing. Its gunna cost me 150 per CDJ 400 Pioneers, AND a DJM-500 Pioneer for 300! Super excited, so I think I might just give away my Numark MixTrack. So I guess follow me on the blog, and like on OMW Productions FB Page, and if the deal goes through I'll hold a raffle kinda thing.

I'm finally going to try and go back to StarCraft II Playing :D Just really excited about that, since me and my female friend have parted ways, I have more time for it :D

The Beginning

Hey guys, DJ Wilma here. Trying the whole blogging thing. I'm going to use this as a more or less personal diary to let you all know what is happening in the life of DJ Wilma (founder of OMW Productions). I have always had one main ambition in life, to become a Millionaire. I figured with this money I could help those around me, and back when I was a kid, that meant my friends and family. Now it has expanded to everyone involved in my production company (OMW PRODUCTIONS), and even just giving stuff away to viewers of my show.

My life goal, to sum it up really easy, be considered a "Millionaire" by the time I'm 30. Currently I'm 21. Thats 9 years. Some people think thats insane, and I could never accomplish such a task, but those people I just call doubters.

Now some of you may think, what do I want from YOU GUYS. Some people ask for donations, or for you to buy their products. Since I don't really have anything to sell (minus the shirts you can find at our website, http://www.omwproductions.com) I really just want you guys to give me your time to entertain you, and if you enjoy, just let your friends know. I love you guys, check out the links for all my stuff.