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Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my personal blog. This is really just a deposit for what's on my mind at the time. I remember watching a professional producer talking about how he improves his create mind, and one of his methods was to consistently write a diary to releave his mind of thoughts, so that's what this is all about. If I have something on my mind, whether its a story, real life drama, and just ideas I have I'll be writing them here!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Developers, Developers, Developers and some free games

Finally, there are only 5 hours until the demo presentation of the game we have been working on non-stop for the last 5 days. I have built all their weapons, done the collisions for all the resourse on their maps (buildings, ect). Re-done all my mapping on my weapons, and done a whole lot of not sleeping.

When I got here we have a giant square that the player model could walk around, have zombies follow, and shoot out of a tiny gun, with invisible bullet. Now we have a dynamic world, 4 fully functional weapons with SFX, a HUD, Menus, Music, proper mapping, including normal, specular, emmisive, and even occlusion, got to love them maps. Coolest of all, they have implemented this very original concept which makes every time I run through it cool and new. Being able to control your surroundings like never seen in a 3rd person shooter has me really excited about release. Even if this game was not being produced by my brother's studio, I will still want to pick up a copy of the game in February of 2012.

Even though I do have my own company to run (OMW Productions) and am also attending school to get a degree, I am hoping to be able to contribute something that actually makes it past the cutting floor, into the final game.

Once I get home and have some sleep I will be coming out with a new mix, and will put out a video detailing the contest we are having on the stream. So check all those out as they are released.

Luv U Guiz

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