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Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my personal blog. This is really just a deposit for what's on my mind at the time. I remember watching a professional producer talking about how he improves his create mind, and one of his methods was to consistently write a diary to releave his mind of thoughts, so that's what this is all about. If I have something on my mind, whether its a story, real life drama, and just ideas I have I'll be writing them here!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Best 24 Hours of My DJing Career


So two blog posts ago I was very frustrated with how popularity systems work on the internet. On how it is so hard for one to get "noticed" on a site like Justin.tv/Twitch.tv. I figured holding some contest giving away stuff would be my ticket in. It being largely unsuccessful I went to my blog to rant. Basically spent the entire blog bitching about how people who get to where they are are just lucky. To my surprise MrBitters came to my blog, and basically explained all the reasons why I was wrong, on how all these people either put the hours in, or had something unique that got them there, that they had something to offer that no one else did.

Taking this to heart, I looked at how I streamed. All I did was what everyone else did, played videogames with a microphone so people could hear me. Nothing too amazing, nothing unique. At this point I had gone 3 months without DJing, and since I had just purchased a new webcam, figured I could set up my DJ gear to work with XSplit and make a mix, since it had been so long. Not really knowing where to begin, I looked at the music sitting on my desktop, where I found a dubstep remix of the StarCraft 2 openning (didn't actually use it in the mix, but it was the inspiration).


I found a bunch of songs, took some of the soundclips that they were using, got the stream up and going and did a live mix. Now no one knows this but the first time around, when I didn't even have a single viewer, I made this mix, and didn't like some parts. I looped some of the drumbeats to make the transitions smoother, and I did it again. Came out perfect, and at this point I think I had my brother, and a friend watching the stream, thats it. I was about to just take the video, and upload it to youtube and be done with it, but loving the SC2 community like I do, I figured they should get a first peak before youtube. So I set the stream to loop, and made a TL Post.


After some people started noticing that the TL Post was actually legit, and they really enjoyed it, they started getting their friends in, and before I knew it I was at 40 viewers on my stream. People began insisting I make a reddit post to increase viewers but it really deserved it. The Reddit post went up. We got 3rd on the "what's hot" in SC Reddit, bringing us up to around 120 viewers. Considering at this point the most number of viewers I ever had on my stream was 20 people, this was making me ecstatic. Then the first amazing thing happened.

The guys on my stream managed to get Tasteless to check it out, and he tweeted me. Holy nerd-gasm. Thanks to Tasteless we topped up just over 300 viewers. Now this was in the middle of the night (AM) so to get that many viewers while both Destiny and Sen were streaming was amazing. Many viewers were telling my they were watch the two game, while listening to my mix. ♥

Speaking of the devil, destiny not only came by my stream to say hi, he also put my stream on his stream while him and kyle were having a conversation. Considering I used Echo Inada's "The Retard Magnet" in the mix, and destiny actually had a listen really brought my nerd-gasm to an all time high. ♥

Then DJ Ravine, the DJ that inspired me to do what I do, one of the leaders in the Happy Hardcore Style commented on the Reddit and popped by my stream to take a look. ♥

Most of all though, it was you guys that made my night. All of you showing your support, telling me I should keep up what I am doing and never stop, and all the love you guys brought, really brought a tear to my eye. ♥♥♥


After the best night of my DJing Career, my stream got 1000% more views in that one 24 hours period that I had recieved in the months up to it casting SC2 tournements and other games. My subs on youtube quadrupled, as well as my followers on the stream. I have been invited to perform at the Toronto Barcraft happening for MLG Raleigh. And have made plans to attend Providence (its the closest to eastern Canada, so I am keeping my schedule free) even if its just as a spectator.

My all time DJing goal would be being able to DJ the big events like MLG Raleigh, BlizzCon, ect. Whether it be doing sets when there is some cool down time between matches on the stream, or doing after parties for the pros and fans. For now though, I'm stepping into the producing booth, and making some more SC related music, whether it be electro, happyhardcore, or good ol' Dubcraft, I feel the SC community deserves itself some good SC related tunes.


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